Topic outline



    Share two photographs from your cell phone gallery and tell about them (15m)

    During this phase, the objectives  are :

    To become familiar with the theme of photography ; To promote the skills of  Visual communication, Verbal communication, Attention to detail, Analysis - Critical Thinking, Logical reasoning, Decision making- , Active listening, Patience and Time management , Motivation and Idea exchange as well as Foreign language skills and  and Presentation skills

    Instructions for the task : Choose 2 photographs from your own cell phone gallery and explain them to the other ones in your group.

    - The exercise is done in randomly made groups.

    -The facilitator walks around and asks for more detailed explanation of the shared photographs.            


    Put the photos into the correct sequence. Visit the museum and check the right sequence. Comment on the right sequence(30 m)

    During this phase, the objective is to generate a timeline and put some given photos into the correct sequence by analysing ( Critical Thinking, Logical reasoning – themes, techniques…etc of the photos - and Decision making ) the photos mainly on Historical and thematic basis as well as the photo taking techniques.


    Answer a pre-test and study the knowledge of the photography (45 m)

    During this phase, the objective is to measure students’ existing knowledge of photography and provide students with basic photography knowledge - from analogue to digital photography-.Students are given knowledge about photography ( exposure, aperture, shutter, ıso... etc) and digital photography. They are also asked to use some apps (EXPOSURE TRIANGLE SIMULATOR, TAKING PHOTOS WITH LIGHT, PHOTOSHOP

    Instructions for the task :

    I.Answer the photography test.

    II. Visit the website of Android Authority and find out the photography terms.

    III. Study the worksheet of photography basics  


    Explore the school museum within several activities and take the photos of the school museum objects (90 m)

    During this phase, the objective is to do some workshops at the activity stations to allow students to practise some more disciplines  (making soap and lip balm (Chemistry, Maths and Art), repeating some tongue twisters (Language), drawing some moustaches, beards of different periods(Art, History, Politics). Visiting the school museum students are asked to make some connections with the workshops and the school museum. Find more about those tasks at our project twinspace on e-twinning

    Another objective is to practise students’ knowledge of photography by taking the photos of the museum objects ( promoting their Creativity –Aesthetics, Photography Skills, Photo Editing , Cell Phone / Digital Photography, Post Processing Apps Skills (Photoshop, Lightroom, Snapseed...etc), Social Media, Zoom - Photo composition skills )

    Instructions for the task :

    I.There are four activity stations .Stop at each and participate in the workshop required.

    Activity Station 1 : Shaving the balloons (Ice breaker- Warmer )

    Activity Station 2:  Making soap and lip balm (Chemistry, Maths, Art).

    Study the recipe of soap/lip balm and make your own soap/ lip balm.

    Activity Station 3: Repeating some tongue twisters and translating them into your languages (Languages)

    Activity Station 4: Drawing some moustaches, beards of different periods (Art, History, Politics).

    Study the worksheet of Famous People – Famous Moustaches and draw moustaches and/or beards of different periods 

    II .Let’s visit the School Museum of Barbering History and Culture. Can you make some connections between the workshops and the museum ? Do you think that it is possible to use museums as  alternative teaching environments and use its sources to practise different disciplines?

    III. Take the best photos of the museum objects using the knowledge of photography provided and necessary apps. 

    Visit to get some more information and some tips about digital photography and some apps.


    Answer the post- test ; Design a virtual museum as a follow-up activity ( = assignment)  ( 90 m )

    During this phase, the objective is to measure students’ comprehension of the knowledge of photography by use of the post test and build up a virtual museum by use of the photos taken as a follow up activity (=assignment). 

    Instructions for the task :

    I.Answer the photography test.

    II. Use your photos of the school museum objects- Build up the virtual School Museum of Barbering History and Culture. Visit the virtual museum of the Barbering History and Culture designed and funded within another EU school project and get inspired to build up yours. 

    Alternative Evaluation Tools and Assignments : 

    I.  Create your online portfolio ( Use your photo within your personal profile)

    II.  Answer the questions on the quizlet and check your understanding of the photography. Prepare your own Quiz of Photography on quizlet.        

    III. Answer the Selfie Challenge Sheet and get to know the city better.